A Day for Rain

By | 1 November 2019
“The EPA estimates that roughly 20,000 farm-workers are poisoned every year by pesticides, but because of many
immigrants’ fear of reporting incidents and inability to seek medical care, the number is likely much higher.”

It’s a terrible day for rain.
She showed me why
from stomach to neck.

She told me she was so close to heaven
but the waiting line was still so long.
God has so many forms to fill.

It’s a terrible day for rain.
After a while, even free ice-cream
makes you throw up.

I’m turning into a limón
she laughed – soon I’ll be bursting with citrus,
it’ll burn me up from inside.

In the Garden of Eden
where nothing decomposes
but nothing blooms either
how can we make a life for ourselves?

Even the blood moon
can be sucked to pale
by the endless silver fields.

Don’t you know,
you’ll never be dead
you’ll just be lighter
than a seed searching for wind.

Don’t you know,
angels don’t fly
they claw their way up
hair by bloody stem.

It’s so warm in here,
so dry.
Meanwhile outside,
it’s a terrible day for rain.

In her dreams
a tree grew from her stomach
as if the roots could feed on marrow
and she laughed because it was not limón
but melocotón that burst open to the sky
and when it rained
it was so cool on her skin
and there was a voice
in the way the drops fell
and it spoke
her name
so clearly so softly

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