Derek Chan

Derek Chan holds a First-Class Honours in Literature from Monash University, where he received the Arthur Brown Thesis Prize. His work has been published in Best of Australian Poems, Australian Poetry Anthology, Meanjin, The Margins, and elsewhere. He is currently a university fellow and an MFA candidate at Cornell University.

In the Snows of My Twenty Fifth Year

Took a walk down 75th street & suddenly I wanted to buy pizza. For heat & something to push my tongue through. I was thinking of you while the sun was thinking of how the trees remain despite themselves. I …

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Bed of Winter

Po Po dreams / of glaucoma moon / a white meihua flowering / through alluvial night / she dreams each strand of light / a stemmed grief / stirring the parable of her face / dreams each eye unhinging / …

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Notes on the After

– After Ada Limón Not how it all wintered into scraps of half-inked pear blossoms, nor how the pondwater never thawed in time for the lotuses to proclaim their succulence to the desperate Spring, it was the inscrutable loss of …

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[Immigration Interview: Chinese Exclusion Act 1882]

[Who paid for your passage?] The blood that burned the brightest was always the one we followed. [Is there a clock in your father’s bedroom?] While he slept, silver wheat grew from the sweat of his clothes. The morning always …

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A Day for Rain

“The EPA estimates that roughly 20,000 farm-workers are poisoned every year by pesticides, but because of many immigrants’ fear of reporting incidents and inability to seek medical care, the number is likely much higher.” It’s a terrible day for rain. …

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