B Gilmartin

B Gilmartin is a writer and now debut editor currently living and learning on Wurundjeri country. They are the author of Strange Animals (No More Poetry Press., 2022) They make books at @hardwax_books.

Tell Me Like You Mean It 6

Once, I was sitting in my therapist’s office, and she asked me the question ‘Why do you write poetry?’ It’s a very good question; one with many answers, half of which I couldn’t articulate here. I responded to her with something like, ‘It helps me to understand my internal environment.’

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Getting Nowhere

after John Cage’s A Lecture on Nothing under the fluorescent supermarket light we gaze at the bananas with our arms around each other we are not married and it’s a pleasure to stand still to not be going to a …

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slippage (un)fixed

Louis Buvelot is painting. It’s a quarter past midday and you wouldn’t know out here unless you looked at the sun but Louis doesn’t look at the sun because he’s squinting at the trees. A mammoth gust of wind blows …

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