By | 25 June 2023

You love horses
and I love you.
Every time you see a horse on a screen you gasp.
I’ve never seen you see a horse in real life
but I have seen you see me,

If I were a horse I would be your best friend,

I love you so much haha. By which I mean I would
entertain the idea of transforming into a horse forever if you asked me to
but would ultimately decline.
It’s just I love being humans with you,
by which I mean the second time you said holy dooley after sex
you said don’t write that down
and I said well I wrote it down the first time you said holy dooley after sex.
I would do anything for love
but I won’t turn into a horse for you!
And that’s what I mean when I say I love you.

When I tell you I love you I mean oh my god I mean holy fucking shit.
I mean, there you are,
your whole own thing.
When I tell you I love you I mean I
wanna get in the Magic School Bus and hoon around inside you.

When you tell me the truth, and the truth is that I’m not making your life worse,
I feel like a wonderful lighthouse.
I tell you that and it sounds exactly like I love you.
I thought horse polo was called horse polo but it turns out it’s just called polo.
I also thought it was possible to swallow your own tongue
but I did my due diligence and discovered it’s not possible to swallow your own tongue.
I’m kind of bummed
cos the exact feeling I have is that this is horse polo and I’ve swallowed my tongue
and I can’t speak and I’m reaching for a way to communicate and all I can find
is this fucking business card that says Rebecca Jane Shaw I love you.

Goddamn this fucking business card!
I need to take you to the business itself.
I need to tell you what I really mean. What I really mean is Rebecca Jane Shaw
every time I see your face my heart is like fuck, thank fuck,
thank fuck

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