Ursula Robinson-Shaw


THE END OF MY PUBLIC LIFE I always thought beauty was important. I always hated anecdotes. I only ever cared for power, how I might take it in my hand. I never want to write about my mother. I love …

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Melinda Bufton Reviews Ursula Robinson-Shaw’s Noonday

Noonday is an intriguingly built set of poems. As a reader, I am looking to be jolted into a new paradigm. I want the poet to raise the stakes and am generally looking for puzzles I cannot solve.

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after Jane Bowles everywhere somewhere a woman complains in a supermarket but the gold in our sleep sustains us no body believes one bad thing can happen after another no body can be a dog in their own dream which …

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Tell Me Like You Mean It 3

In curating this chapbook I’m not sure I feel closer to answering these questions: certainly they are never stagnant … But I do feel closer to poetry’s resistance to answer these questions, which does circle back to some kind of answer to my last question – we return to poetry not because we have an answer, but instead return in a process of regeneration.

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rocky headland of a bright live face, tender hooked throat this shaggy down these talons this crown of more or less erect feathers this address taut like a laundry line between substance and medium, trying to remember a poem you …

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meditations on taylor swift’s 2009 hit ‘mean’ to be sung to the tune of every hank williams song at once

forgive me — i have a meanness — a classic whisky-swilling gnarl like a cardboard cutout of bette davis at a bar once i sat at such a bar — in boston — and picked a fight with my cardboard …

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brideshead reloaded

baby likes it when i get polemical i say stuff like torture’s bad but punching is good she’s like no that’s wrong so i can be the libertine letter home says : tram routes are astrology for melbourne if you …

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