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By | 1 November 2017

baby likes it when i get polemical i say stuff like torture’s bad
but punching is good she’s like no that’s wrong
so i can be the libertine

letter home says : tram routes are astrology for melbourne
if you calculate them right you can make a profitable investment
a chance meeting opens doors to success and friendship
you can fall in love under the 86 at its zenith
g’day is the secret joke word strangers hide it in their mouths
like a gold coin donation
before they say something fucking awful look i’ll do it for you
dialectics, poetics, reflexivity, hybridity… ummmm.trauma……..we are all
very sad here

very sad about our bodies our boyfriends & global warming
our fictitious babies die in heat waves & food riots on the pikes of the faceless
& terrible order

not you & me tho aye babe ours died in a petri dish in the future
& we can’t afford them our eggs are fried anyway
our eggs are smashed up on the floor of our fortress
our paint-by-numbers mansion we do mindfulness
on the marble floors resisting the cheap narratives of resistance
we say piss off
we say look we’re marxists but we don’t go outside we stole the money
for this fortress from our dads actually we are squatting
our dads are no good we cower on the chaise longue
& our lives flash before us like a formula we like the colours
on the toxic smog horizon & there’s some good political invective before
the rays melt our skulls you try & take a picture but it happens really fast
i love your skull

o melbourne o heatwave dead possums & no-one to bury them
it’s all dangerous & horrible but kinda hot like that time i got roofied
in williamsburg
& you dragged my limp body down the corridor of a midtown hotel
like it was really bad but it’s a good story if you know your audience

“the paths of glory lead but to the grave” so said my granddad
he told me while he ate a bread roll then he went to sleep
i took it it was good advice i took a nap in the yellow wood
you tried to be a thought leader or a public intellectual
me i knew i’d be a star

o! o! we love each other like limpets in the big fear one day somebody’s
gonna say girls you’re not that devastating
& it won’t matter & we won’t care the dirt moves out from under our feet
the thwarted seasons reach a human scale & your skull
the loveliest bleached egg on the vast rock

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