Titicaca as Tourist Conversion

By | 1 November 2017

Gas and dust not algorithms
explain the birth of a sun
not water in rectangular channels
of a dead metropolis
not stories irrigated by breasts
of a thousand goddesses
the sacrifice of lama tired stones all that hoo-ha

But however ravaged the land, he says,
it gives back faith, beer, fuck off with a rake
when we stop to gawp to ooh aaah

Then there’s the thrill
of multitudes gathering
in a raised ceremonial place
where the fat controller of chance and light
prepares the knackering theatre
of a new season
hacking at virgins’ limbs viscera as red rain
tumbling down hewn steps
heads rolling to the roar

This is how it’s done he says in myth of snake, puma, condor
quarrying totems of stone scalped hair

We see pigs root in the muck chickens cackle and shit
among monoliths abandoned in the plough-scape

This is how it is

green andesite modified faced-off

bound & bountiful

boys and girls like you
sucking moon-sperm as fruit

unfurling like missiles screaming
into everyone’s soil

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