Fed Square Spots Romantic Three Storeys Up

By | 1 June 2014

Don’t think I can’t see you
thumbing your nose
at my reputation
Lady-of-the-Tennyson poem

You should know I am here
trumping Gas and Fuel ugly
Lame water feature, flat screen
no one loved
Volcanoes of bluestone
have given me up like a martyr
River pebbles
will carry you downstream
Just you dare

How many times
have I watched you
cocooned in a spider’s web
Hair down your back
to attract some dude

Four gray walls Four gray towers
Background scenery in your book
You can’t bear to look at me these days
Straining to see the reflection
of some flaneur punting up the Yarra

Remember, I am most dramatic
in silhouette at night
When white lights shoot shards
that should have been
Black suits imagine they’re in
some piazza in Rome as they sip
Pinot Gris, order tapas
Not that you can see

After a hard day on Collins
Off home to tuck the baby in
Kiss the wife Goodnight
Maybe more
Not for you, my dear

Back to your fantasy
Tapestry with the gaps
Peep through my honeycomb, Madam,
You’re done

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