Landscape / Portrait Dilemma in Taking a Selfie

By | 1 August 2017

after John R Neeson—River Bend Installation

To create an algorithm that measures beauty—compose, illuminate, expose
or fill the birdbath for firetails descending when heat goes out of the sun

Use human annotations to classify emotional polarity of each image
or stroke the backbone of a young fern spooling from the under-storey

Whether positive or negative assess originality compared to others
or say sorry to the old wattle, sap bleeding out through torn skin

Race, gender and age are largely uncorrelated with photographic beauty
so situate blue salvia next to desert gaura behind white iris as in a Monet

Females are more memorable, brighter and post-processed Colour hangs in the heart
Aesthetic score relates to sharpness of facial landmarks The promise of a river

Men smile less than women at the end or beginning of a journey
A common or garden point-and-shoot will have this facility inbuilt Smile

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