Where Fassbinder Hangs His Albatross

By | 1 February 2017

Considering Martha (1974), Maria Braun (1979), Lili Marleen (1981), Veronika, Lola, Petra and all.

she posts secrets to an address in another hemisphere fräulein
pins secrets all over her lumberjack shirt
she covers her nakedness with secrets
stuffs secrets into holes her mother made in her bedroom door with a stiletto heel
in a quest to beat her for her lies and lipstick liebe
she longs for her first love, sometimes her third
she injects weed killer and brake fluid into them
she drives into the river and drowns the children kinder
she serves poisoned meatballs to him and him
she loves men jungen yum
she’s filled her lover’s car with water using the garden hose
smiled and beaten a dog ein kleiner hund
she’s murdered her best friend and stuffed her in the wardrobe

I don’t know what it is
I have thrown a kitten against a wall and watched it dribble and limp I have
trapped a cat and wear its head as a hat its tail streams down my back
I have stopped eating I can’t stop eating
I stand alone on my bridge of sighs meaows
I want them ALL to die I lie and lie and lie

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