By | 1 May 2020

after Jane Bowles

everywhere somewhere
a woman complains in a supermarket
but the gold
in our sleep sustains us
no body believes
one bad thing can happen after another
no body can be a dog in their own dream
which means no body can be a dog forever
pleased in our despair,
does anyone need reusable bags?? we scream. i have 57
unkind men fail to love us.
lovely idiots, we go on with our songs
singing rococo, of lavish towels, strawberries,
broken bottles, little crystals
we lie back, nervous as cats, enjoy the haul
we have our health….
we open the windows to a soubrette
screaming in a romance language
something about — the price of cigarettes, strawberries, the recordings,
dexamfetamine, the abortionists, the vivid machinations of the statesmen and the fish
piled stinking along the river, the emails,
the dogs —
we shut our doors. we say what in fuck’s name
was that
we do not speak a word of french
we sing instead — come the revolution
come the revolution it will turn out right, burnishing the rusted
taps of our kitchens, come the revolution come now do not vex yourself
with the screaming, life is difficult enough,
come the revolution to follow our dreams
will not make us victim to our nightmares, come the, we will not cower
in our timed out shopping carts like frightened rabbits, come, some of us, will be spared,
though some of us will not, have not been spared a single thing,
come the second tragedy we will combat the first tragedy
which has been curdling within us, we will flee
from the second to the third tragedy, giving the impression of motion,
also, we remind each other, remember “tenderness”
remember that without imagination, reality is peaceful,
remember that all you really want is a bearable life. and no, you do not know
where the cockroaches go at night, or
what menace is present, in the room, with you now,
or what gutter puppies wait
for you to spill the milk of your human kindness, or whether
you should guard it like a wolf
but you know that no body
can be treated like a dog forever
not even a dog

Material reworked from Two Serious Ladies and Blue of Noon.

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