By | 25 November 2019

rocky headland of a bright
live face, tender hooked throat
this shaggy down these talons this crown
of more or less erect feathers this address
taut like a laundry line between substance
and medium, trying to remember a poem you say,
you’ll know it, it’s about
a chick who wants
this guy to come on her tits and he doesn’t really want to, she feels
upset about it, you say: it’s a really good poem
i’m like damn i dont know that one

they insert their beaks into a slit
in an ostrich egg, to get at the interior
holding the shells between their mandibles,
i explain, in ancient cultures, trying to remember,
there were no male vultures

stalking around the banned word “l * v *,” extracts from a more
rigorous dialogue, cheap and sentimental, like porn how
everybody’s always coming
so the narrative always culminates, knotted white
patterns of force, many symbols, an arc
of moveable acts, lessons at the end, a literalised recuperation
of the human spirit how trite and i
/… a prude for joy
call your dick the death drive, call myself a nuisance, looking at my phone
whisper have i shown you this

trying to remember, da vinci writes
he was in the cradle a vulture
blew thru and fucked him
in the mouth, with its tail, opening up: the future,
visions and deliria, tendencies, the problem
of flight, he was only a baby but it really happened
in a dream,
he later took to painting
but he never let it go, freud says,
because he wrote it down

dicks are not real just a thing we have in dreams;
“phallus” is a dead currency there is only “pants”
everyone wearing them feels a will to power, great discomfort;
look up “etymology dick coma,” words do not
keep us from deeds
scrambled by unserious activity
the search history manufacturing
a backwards glance, the past is
a wish, compiled later
with purposive intent, being but
cerebral the body is a shortcut to a symbol,
if there are no male vultures, i’m trying to remember, o yea:
these birds stop in the midst of their flight, open their vagina
and are impregnated by the wind

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