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One of the sequences produced by the collaborative entity, A Constructed World, renders the phrases ‘No need to be great’ and ‘Stay in Groups’ in a range of media – silk-stitch, screen print, photography and painting. One of the painted versions of the image shows a naked woman covered in yellow post-it notes overseen by a hulking, shadowy male. These figures represent the artists Jacqueline Riva and Geoff Lowe. The image appears again in the form of a photograph and the installation was staged in various places around the world – as if the only way to get the message across would be to subject it to constant repetition in as many different formats as possible. Indeed, a number of the collective’s performances and installations attest to the impossibility of communication – even as these take the form of images that can’t fail to deliver. Avant Spectacle A Micro Medicine Show, 2011, features skeleton-costumed performers inexpertly singing and playing instruments while six knee-high wooden letters – S, P, E, E, C and H – burn like small condemned buildings at front of stage.

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Daylesford Food Commons Map

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Two Poems by Patrick Jones

Winter’s pharmacopeia t He fruits and weedful plants that swell through frost and sl Eet and occasional snow who lovingly b Are themselves to us at  Local when we require them most when i T is cold and we fall …

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we have spent money cleaning it and having it worthy of the road. we’re a little tense as it’s raining and one of us, eight years old, is not so aware or interested in the effects of mud on upholstery. …

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All Rights Relinquished: Permapoesis

While writing this work I have been eating wild foods, vegetables from my garden and a small amount of transported agricultural product. I am in transition, along with my family and some community friends, to relocalise food and energy resources and address the degree to which our participation in a hyper-mediated society degrades the ecologies that support us.

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Boult Upright Malley: Ernmalleyite

Boult Upright Malley (or BUMalley), was born in 1970 at the Royal North Shore Hospice for Literary Fakes, Sydney, and, after an aspirinational education and ear-marked for success, sat down and eventually abandoned hope in rural Victoria.

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Patrick Jones responds to James Stuart

When a poet works with a designer, publisher, artist, typesetter, printmaker, stone mason (in Finlay's case), earthmover, or sign writer there is the potential for the poem to materialise (a shift from transformation), and keep us on our feet.

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James Stuart Reviews Words and Things

“Despite my slightly over-the-top and easily pregnable assertions about what are to my mind the lesser works enclosed therein, it became clear to me as I read (looked?) that Words and Things had a significant contribution to make to our understanding of contemporary poetics.

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James Stuart: From Text To Texture

James Stuart reviews Words and Things (Patrick Jones, ed.) in our Submerged issue. The review is part of a larger article commissioned by Cordite, available here in PDF format.

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Hector’s Insult: war music prohibition signs

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Air Frost

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