James Stuart: From Text To Texture

7 December 2004

James Stuart reviews Words and Things (Patrick Jones, ed.) in our Submerged issue. The review is part of a larger article commissioned by Cordite, available in PDF format.

The article itself features images from Words and Things, plus a selection of images from other sites/books. In the interests of accessibility we have made two versions of the article available – one (larger) for printing, and another (smaller) for reading on screen.


Printing & viewing instructions: This file is best printed as a double-sided document. If you're not going to print the document at all, then you should probably read it in Acrobat Reader (free) using the View-Continuous Facing option. If you're going to print it and then throw it out, please recycle.

Image by Marie Sierra, from Words and Things.

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David Prater

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David Prater was Cordite's Managing Editor from 2001 to 2012. His first poetry collection, We Will Disappear, was published by papertiger media in 2007, and Vagabond Press published his chapbook Morgenland in the same year. His poetry has appeared in a wide range of Australian and international journals, and he has performed his work at festivals in Australia, Japan, Bulgaria, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands and Macedonia. He has also undertaken two writers’ residencies in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and has worked extensively as a teacher, editor and researcher. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.


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