apell I’ll 11 shreds

By | 1 May 2012

no pulse
I touch
I do

jagger flash hung upside to switch
an other for internal monologue
will our glasses ever clink
it’s a race with tea
“do you eat when I’m not there?”

what does coal feel like? chewing
in cubicles guilty
doubts bout foot etiquette no mustn’t
metals out my ears semi-precious
choppy cave digs secrete
swiss timepieces

zinc works licks its coat & steams
now with modernization & technology
only 600 sonic the hedgehogs are needed

to image my rent muscles
high beam up the mock
stream & how
does the lord slip his?

stars run down panes to oil
other’s hand pats
swimming beautifully drunk
& isn’t it all?

letters wicked to clouds where like all ankles
they shatter with a saline fizz
bacteria on the sphincter
jittering with
gushes yet cannot turn the wheel

or snow’s tumbling off an overcharged branch
burst plopf scurrying rodent

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