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Hoax Poetry from Plato to Antipodes: Reflecting on the Ern Malley Trial 80 Years Later Caitlyn Lesiuk

At 3:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday, 1 August 1944, Police Constable C Cameron Smith visits Max Harris, one of the editors of the literary magazine Angry Penguins, at his office in Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

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From the beginning, ‘collaboration’ was raised as an interrogation, not an answer: What is poetic collaboration? And does collaboration (whatever it is) make a difference?

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Discourse on the Poetics of Beauty and Truth as Revolutionary Practice

Ern Malley Addresses Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: We are stardust, We are golden, And we got to get ourselves Back to the garden, – Joni Mitchell, ‘Woodstock’ (1969 song) I remonstrate with you mon frere, mon petit, Comrade, when I recollect …

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Ali Alizadeh Reviews David Brooks

‘Ern Malley? Again?’ asks David Brooks at the outset of this new reading of what is, arguably, the central event in the history of modern Australian poetry. Brooks’s account is an engrossing, at times exhilarating journey through the landscape of early-mid twentieth century Modernist poetry, but it also leaves the question of the need for yet another volume about the infamous hoax more or less unanswered.

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Children of Malley 2: Vogel’s Gang

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The Immortal Malley and the End of Modernity

The Ern Malley hoax provoked a debate that was not by any means unique to Australia. Indeed, the Ern Malley affair is simply an antipodean manifestation of a long-standing discussion in Western culture about the best way for literature and art to respond to the impact of modernity on society.

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Recasting the Mould: ‘Beyond is Anything’

Upon hearing of our Children of Malley II edition of Cordite, one of our readers sent us in an unexpected surprise. Lurking in the wings was a Malley encounter we never expected: we found that the hoax lives on.

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Ern Malley and the Art of Life

During a panel at the 2010 Salt on the Tongue poetry festival in Goolwa, SA, one audience member slammed performance poetry as being ‘more about the poet than the poetry’.

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Text and Paratext: Ern Malley and the Function of the Author

The immediate target of the Malley hoax was Max Harris and those associated with Angry Penguins, but McAuley and Stewart also had ‘bigger fish’, as it were, in mind. Herbert Read in particular, the English poet and critic—whose writings were a significant influence on Max Harris’ own poetry and aesthetics—was very much in the hoaxers’ sights.

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The Ern Malley Finger Puppet

Download today! (PDF!)

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Five Malfunctions for Max

Professor Vogel Malley delivers five schismatic palimpsests for Max, providing an entreat to Children of Malley II.

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Greetings to the New Malleys

Ern Malley, the original dromedary of Australian poetry has been anthologised, criticised and mythologised beyond belief. It's perhaps sobering to reflect that while Ern Malley's creators, his twin Gepettos James Macauley and Harold Stewart along with his original sponsor Max Harris have passed from this world, Ern's legend lives on. What is it about Ern Malley that refuses to die?

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Robert Kennedy: The Journey (Death) of a Library

So what of the journey of Harold Stewart's library, where is it likely to end? Who will have access to all that he read? What will be left of it for us to discover, of his influences and a personality that created many great poems and Australia's most famous literary event and character, Ern Malley?

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