Helen Lambert

Helen Lambert is an Australian poet and writer currently based in Moscow. She is the author of Venus Steps Out, and her poetry and fiction has appeared in numerous journals. She read Classics at Trinity College Dublin and Oxford and is currently working on a novel.

Introduction to Helen Lambert’s Echoland

Helen Lambert’s work is as new to me as it will be to others – she has been operating away from Australian poetry for some time, with long periods in Ireland and, lately, Russia. One approaches a new poet warily. Yet the inventive and capable intelligence behind the poems here is immediately apparent. It is wonderful to be able to drop one’s guard, to forget it – and to enter a wonderful world.

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From the beginning, ‘collaboration’ was raised as an interrogation, not an answer: What is poetic collaboration? And does collaboration (whatever it is) make a difference?

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Submission to Cordite 47: COLLABORATION Open!

THIS IS NOW CLOSED. Cordite 48.0: CONSTRAINT is accepting submissions. Poetry for Cordite 47: COLLABORATION is guest-edited by Helen Lambert (Moscow) and Louis Armand (Prague). What kind of poems are we looking for?: Two (or more) people working together to …

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The Altercation but

Prelude: Is it really true that one can’t change? said Oscar Wilde, whose ode to metamorphosis got stuck in the rot of a painting, while the youth stood with features smooth as the beginning. Chorus: Fitzroy, Melbourne, the kind of …

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