Amelia Walker

Amelia Walker is based upon a true story.

Amelia Walker Reviews David McCooey and Cameron Lowe

Though relatively young, Geelong-based Whitmore Press’ poetry series already boasts strong collections by Barry Hill, Paul Kane and Maria Takolander, amongst others. With Graphic by David McCooey and Porch Music by Cameron Lowe, Whitmore’s winning streak continues. Both books brim with inventive, surprising and thought-provoking new poetry.

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Ern Malley and the Art of Life

During a panel at the 2010 Salt on the Tongue poetry festival in Goolwa, SA, one audience member slammed performance poetry as being ‘more about the poet than the poetry’.

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Jason Silver: subtopia

scratched vinyl a black snake swallowing its own mornings: the dull clatter of a truck gobbling the innards of bins: garbage, green waste recycling a DJ’s remix all the same old songs just the order changes like a game of …

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Maralyn Spears-Malley: everybody’s someone

Maralyn Spears-Malley resides in Hades, USA (also known as Florida) where she devotes her time to writing poetry and biting the heads off back up singers. Keep an eye out for her debut poetry collection, ‘Antichrist

Mouseketeer', soon to be released through Vanitee Press.

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