Jake Levine

Invisible Walls: Poetry as a Doorway to Intercultural Understanding

The selection of poems we offer here is written by poets participating in a two-year intercultural exchange program between Korean and Australian poets.

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Perspective Matter

(after William Kentridge) I’m going to outer space to find out if any birds live there. Just like time and space are relative magic is a matter of perspective. The sun blesses the pickles with yellow flowers when they’re still …

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Can You Hear The Thunder?

Because tending bar with Aussies in England made me miss the sun Tina Turner and Jimmy Barns were singing ‘Simply the Best’ at the Walkabout Reading franchise in 2005 when I walked out of my job. The first Australian girl …

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A Flightless Bird’s Tired Lovesongs for the Cloudless Sky

In the burnt hole in the centre of a giant Sequoia I’m standing at the door of the apocalypse waiting for someone to save us wondering if the Sequoia still thinks it’s still living and because I wonder if trees …

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Sublime Necrophilia or Ceasing To Exist in Order to Be : On Translating Kim Kyung Ju’s I Am a Season that Does Not Exist in the World

Like the male dusky antechinus, an Australian marsupial, translation has an unusually long mating period. For 14 hours it fucks so vigorously that its stress hormones overload, causing its immune system to collapse. It performs the sexy death. A lethal transfer of life. Or is it a deathy sex?

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Roll Call

When you call my name When your lovely voice enters my ears I sigh and run. You kept talking to me Although my tongue was dry. I traded the dog we raised in the yard with the neighbor’s dog. I …

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