Samantha Faulkner

‘Share what you’ve learned’: Amelia Walker in Conversation with Samantha Faulkner

Samantha Faulkner is a writer and poet from Badu and Moa Islands in the Torres Strait and the Yadhaigana and Wuthuthi/Wuthati peoples of Cape York Peninsula. She is the author of Life B’Long Ali Drummond: A Life in the Torres Strait (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2007) and editor of Pamle: Torres Strait Islanders in Canberra (Kuracca, 2018) as well as the forthcoming nonfiction anthology Growing Up Torres Strait Islander in Australia (Black Inc, 2024).

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He was tall for his age Or so she thought Blue eyes in the shape of almonds Rare but seen before Brown skin not black Not white either Curly hair, soft to touch All dark with shades of sun Confident …

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