By | 1 February 2019

He was tall for his age
Or so she thought
Blue eyes in the shape of almonds
Rare but seen before

Brown skin not black
Not white either
Curly hair, soft to touch
All dark with shades of sun

Confident he pushed open the door
Scanning the room
Catching my eye
Then looking away

Jeans and t-shirt
Maybe a bit warm for out here
I caught the sweat on his forehead
As he approached the counter

“Excuse me please
Do you know Mrs Smith?”
He paused, looking
Searching in my eyes

“What’s your business with her?
Who are you?
What do you want?”
Alarm rose in my voice

“I’m her son
She hasn’t met me yet
You see I was taken away
When I was young”

I stopped
Looked hard
Examined him closely
I could not believe

“I know who you are”
I touched his hand
Tears welled in my eyes
“You’ve come home”

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