Maralyn Spears-Malley: everybody’s someone

26 November 2005
everybody's someone
each time I look outside
the world spreads its legs
and all the little parts
from the bottom of my broken
heart you take but cannot be given
you gotta let me cake
on some more make up to cover up
all those lies. the horrible people
it's as anatomic
something beautiful something free
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. you see
my problem is i hate the rock star
yeah (dirty dirty dirty) dollar bills
i played with the scabs of you
(you're such a dirty dirty) baby
one more time you fearpeel off all those eyes
and i'll be forever.

Maralyn Spears-Malley resides in Hades, USA (also known as Florida) where she devotes her time to writing poetry and biting the heads off back up singers. Keep an eye out for her debut poetry collection, ‘Antichrist Mouseketeer', soon to be released through Vanitee Press.


As reported on Cordite News Explosion, we are humbled and disappointed to announce that this poem was in fact written by Gabrielle Everall and Amerlia Walker.

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