O’Hara Malley: Upper Level Arithmetic – or ‘If James Schuyler Got a Rise from the Ladies’

26 November 2005

Her name ought be Genevieve or
Henrietta, those are
my guesses
if she sells herself by
the hour and …wait, she dresses
like that bent of lady, maybe
a fiver per kilo per. She
presses the elevator
button twelve, and me
fourteen, that boils
down to six-sevenths
which is the fraction
that's leg
yet allows me
now, at my age, a fissure
to forget long
division, though this refresher
course between her
feet going up is welcome

Hailing from Lilli Pilli, NSW, O'HARA MALLEY has enjoyed a storied career as dune buggy mechanic and part-time, literary urbanite. A double degree in heavy machinery maintenance and 20th Century Pop Culture (specialising in Judy Garland and her roles in feminist inebriation) has afforded O'Hara the unique opportunity to harness the affect of the crash-course, both in human life and vehicle operation., which he then projects onto characterisation. This is considered his specialty. His works have appeared in Stolling Rone, Stealing Roans, and Horse & Buggy Thievery Today.

As reported on Cordite News Explosion, we are humbled and disappointed to announce that this poem was in fact written by Kent MacCarter.

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About Kent MacCarter

Kent MacCarter is publisher of Cordite Books and managing editor of Cordite Poetry Review. He's the author of three poetry collections – In the Hungry Middle of Here (Transit Lounge, 2009), Sputnik's Cousin (Transit Lounge, 2014) and California Sweet (Five Islands Press, 2018).

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