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Children of Malley 2: Vogel’s Gang

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Recasting the Mould: ‘Beyond is Anything’

Upon hearing of our Children of Malley II edition of Cordite, one of our readers sent us in an unexpected surprise. Lurking in the wings was a Malley encounter we never expected: we found that the hoax lives on.

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The Ern Malley Finger Puppet

Download today! (PDF!)

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Five Malfunctions for Max

Professor Vogel Malley delivers five schismatic palimpsests for Max, providing an entreat to Children of Malley II.

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Greetings to the New Malleys

Ern Malley, the original dromedary of Australian poetry has been anthologised, criticised and mythologised beyond belief. It's perhaps sobering to reflect that while Ern Malley's creators, his twin Gepettos James Macauley and Harold Stewart along with his original sponsor Max Harris have passed from this world, Ern's legend lives on. What is it about Ern Malley that refuses to die?

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