Excerpts from ‘Brushwood by Inflection’

By | 1 August 2010

Note: The ‘inflection point’ on a branch is where the direction of curve outwards changes to the direction of curve upwards, and is usually a play-off between elastic bending and thickening growth. A branch bends continuously even while it thickens and as such the shape of a branch can be seen as a function of time. But any break-off from that branch provokes a compunction of space across a strewnness which wrangles with its proneness before horizon. So, ‘inflection’ in these texts has a more speculative association, not so much with permanent deformation, as with that brushwood matting which surrounds trees or edges out beyond their line. After the break from main branch comes a further twist towards these given-aways’ sense of gift amid a heaping-up of separation. Now tree becomes the agent for which branch appears the source and brush is the locus.




Given brushwood isn’t code for a wrenched thing lying across origin but the inflection of it is forescatter where the young of the year are broken in advance of the trees’ own persistence a cob of green cud spat out by the trees’ specialism to vacate shoulder but recast the forks of surface extending bent matter to the neck of horizon

where roots creep to their edge quota, brush has swept past bed to lie out on jammed marginal rota

any scattering of timber ends in this break perfectly ramified : nothing pans out unless along what little of itself could sift within the collapse-complexion

with breach off-tree

even more world-weight

crutched on sur-

face to margin

For brushwood doubt is not the crackle of itself but what flicker there is in such brittle abandonment’s spite of intricate granting a girdling gives meta-closure, or more openly inflects what brash has bristled from mesh – the fibre of distribution no longer a hollow of the intervals themselves

push from forest

to brushwood,

horizontal graze


Where brushwood trips at faltered roots to re-abrupt them, fold in juxtaposition what is the brittle turn to origin ahead of fuelled despairs mimicking fluent repairs

laid over beds of reliance, reaching for the hatchings’ more shareable (castable) compliance inflected gamut of a terseness earlier than alien, rough intractives on a planet surge to brushwood

where adjacent segments of tree meet their inflection points, their bitter parts waving out the scatter at an horizonal confluence

infinite seriality

lopped rigid

in devotion to a

singled inflect-

ion of gift

traceway through

brushwood beat

of the tread

These deferred tree-limbs inspect the path, smaller ressuscitants in degree of drop with the bind of inflection stay ceased throughout the straying: a spray of unbudded but deep-seated co-emption bare with deserved array towards the horizon’s plain

in binding the evolute of a curve to the given, crossed by the perched sticks of separation respects slightness in any replete defeated choice, the bend itself reseated

what can be screened from floor to be granted at the snick of a broken finger which a detached hand gets to fan out reattaches at full extent only as this joint circumvents its precise severance part

glisters in inflected

quiet of woods

after the break

with crash

the outmapped

lay nestling

in the inflicted

Any exhausted root thin to be codified (re-shed): inflectional stratum wrinkles retrenchment slung post-extant pales of brush no longer billeted on earth shornface but go counter-depleting where cannot be inversely lopped, ie regress to parent stem is the longest offspring weald across the grain of origin

brushwood lacks its own climate envelope, apart from inflection never strains for a saturation by horizon in bunch depletion remains the very sparsity schedule of outreach

benched within the disparate affix-risk of gift, connections not ill-torn but embossed on fallen place to last out (as first fallers) the vertical tides they are tossed from

sword of brush under

broad curve, cure of

branch offset by

cut to branch

The vine round the knotted root sketches a brushwood of outcome, at the dishevelment of origin, pushed over penetrable core at the strike off sapling springy brush laid out to the wire, jutted breast of the depredation such slights are parallel in heap laid out of, weathers of the not were corrosive enough for no veering more than origin

a forest of poor relations but in brushwood stamp of crabby retention: buffer the encroach of a nakedness unable to crouch enough as trunk is to branch so brush is to the contra-fill off aperture, as goes with it stored wary to horizon lacking brush trees could never have unlatched such shutters, just these hit the horizontal plate as traduction let sprawl

tempestible, splinter-

towering, most impassable

but at a shoulder

of smeared clearing

as wedge cast from root

cages margins of the un-

vacancy to within de-

grees of lashwood

Avenues of the dislocation projectively harbour their cross-over, its strewnness a sharper stare than neutral severance alone, scarcer at spread than living the staple to root horizon winded on this faggot hillock aspires no second wound

each angle out of hold now pervious accelerative lattice, the estrangement hollow with after-tangle of inflective array fed to a bundle minus compression, detaches from root but awarded the creep-margin that relies on dis-upright the chips anti-rotate off rendered trees or stand in for a cheaper scurf of the ramification

dissipative reduct-

ion let substrate-

refill be for

brushwood export

Thickly laid over with a new scarcity’s post-quickness as at any finding mean of overgrowth this bides the eventual scene of hold traps exuding brushwood until let go again as the tree of it, dries out a ceiling to the tips a debris of requital protrudes from frame and puts the rap on horizon

rest the decrease poaching brushwood for tracking what re-accustom it rakes to the least fringe at horizon’s edge raggedly severed into lurch of pretext, forward repose leans long into new taperings of dependence: a good-enough soil made scanty ventricle where a mesh-haul of intersecting sticks sucks the pump

limbed for its

barebounds, the tree’s

closely unsprained

fine losings,

indurable sphere

stepped to lending

A brushwood thicket lashed to the open, not taken aback once out of hiding but braced separably for inflection cut universally falls to local devices, the scatter is neat horizon parabolic severed from tube just what intact ramification can’t disuse for cleaving post-jointed by the primary detour of mercy

left packed at site unelbowing until it comes to relay severed joints on junctionless surfaces incommensurate sweep-over tailed by horizon, reproved for terrain but not removed from recoil, the detraction undespoiled in just such a carve across swerve

cover the cleared area while shipping brush off deserted trees, anchorless in vessel to connect the sag in capsized root

scrunted but slouchless

no scrub brushwood but

rubs out from high tree

backwardly out to

acting wrist, each eye-

let rays unmisted

between branch-querk

Ungraded divergence one sole series thing far off at nearest severance to horizon taskable surface ventilates an architectonic of trees in belt as if they couldn’t be paltry enough to thread their belongings on the lateral

radiant cavities cross soils as they build to burrows of twig above it, extrapolate plenitude full in the way of micro-desertions brushed onto reincursion as the obstruct is (a gift at hand) to the claw of torn from root

dark wood’s shortcut to a comparison of ground now such obstacles inflecting less sorely over the same split unseamed, it crashes beyond the rush of it but doesn’t gutter the litter

the part played by trees in separatives of integral way: slighting the scattered chink means stitches mis-sweeping repart the open as at any treeless place, exactitude in ex-branch no longer severely spindling the ground

the crack into one

another’s inflected

postfix of arrival

primed clear of its

rammed facets, what

the ramific spares

Time in joints dejects weak numbers until frailed in brushwood, the whole is claimant about dismembering, a disjunction thrown on the lay-it-from with time for assarts of a world seen from across real extra-inherence on this rootless spur of flightlessness: a meta-order of discharging branch splays for a co-variant of the rooted snag itself

extent of displacement serves as nearness index for the commoning brushed into, dry reeds of horizon: this feature detaches extent but not an outbed bent forwards of the exposure: brushwood is source splay even before its own torso-replay

among the abraded

verticals, what gives

horizon its saltings

arid stir of root

the untying tries for a

woundless rent in horizon

Inflect this second element in surprise horizon: the filigree catastrophe lies wadged before a non-collider beckoning the sprigs of origin blaze off that fork minus handle at its unscorched scar across, bare particulars of forward radiant desertion whose highlights cluster in dissimmersion

unspasmic elan, the leap there is in ramification bridging itself for severed a shiver darting at horizon’s congestion concessionally arrived brusque new mapping in circuit sashes, the lattice of main-tree bereaves field across the lace of nearest dependent shedding, debris tellingly most outlying

brushwood a new door

to old branches

beaten at the threshold

resurges horizon

at once abjection

off tree filament

Grazing barrenness over ruck yet to be closely scarred this way, dropping fineals pluck a disconnection ample enough to be as pliant before the scratch of origin

fledged that the stake-chafer stalked to survival, this most peripheral commission unflattens revival committal to grist impossible to backstring on core tree without expelling the needle-tip just where extreme ramification is ready to mend at jib

our vanguard thrusting itself no further fear than open spires of landing outside the height

strike longwards toss,

bend tip abroad of

the lacks of approach

Precept learnt at a yard of waste brushed by unexpended tips against hard horizon the crushing had already taken place at the gift from root: drift never supinely subsequent once taken for inflection: the sense in which brushwood cast is more internal to trees than own lame root

no mean inlay, how same-side tree radial went out to recombine without distributing its access more hollowly than: awaiting a bind at outspread itself

this divestment is openness throughout quanta of the given-to by adhesion in site of dropdown: that embrittlement will disseminate horizon pre-eschewed comes to ramified flesh what can no longer be found amid vein of tree, new porches elapse to grazing the zone before horizon

cathected from tree

do it well to inflect

harrassed flailings

of gift

lost from the bays of

tree but won for

exploded graft

before origin


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