Trees Not Tending Leaves (extract)

By | 1 March 2015
infestation to own leaf-order, that people are now the science of the park how root makes increment from what surfaces of disadvantage assort
heaving over root-steer, so many leaves to have been stripped on form, they are not the reprisal but the retro- sags of design, where alignment puts them ahead of itself
displacement cut to leaf only to envy a lightened origin to this siphonable intent trees rebegin here, not at offering a duplicate sprig but at the leaves’ own myriad tubulars
a canopy pulls itself up onto the shallows from which any larger proffering may combine with the hardstanding it has retracted onto not structurally but out of care of a mass terminal flutter
tresses gained each day across slight incline of trunkal vein
not tended because pure relief of shelter dissolved to catchment and without any skin of it desiring the trees’ advancement
untentative separables out of a rash of gummy leaf at drop-point the deep pitching into tree posture where abandonment is its moundal and the stubble of loss evenly recessive
whose leaf-production inclines to no crop and whose distribution of cast-offs pervades what is previous of shortened limb in tree
not lenient in leaf but a cusp fluid, the curve of any slight ontological retainment strip by strip, not least of any static if staring into its own unobstructed scatter
leaves flow to the core of what doesn’t go with them, the apex was a nurture untended at its slightened-erect: intended debaseable vertical offering, all equation though scarcely any inclusion
a tree alone with its dead propulsion along shaft once out of leaf
relinquishing the ribs of tree but never its hoop speculative immensity out of a previously thieving system
love the tree but be at bay outside it defect onto its tinge of touchy aggregation a reflex of unshuffled steepness and not a limb among it
a filter rubble baling out trees but dried to its vegetative plane of momentarily tethered elongation
the prophetic frame brittle enough to overleaf itself, the slightness takes that ontological vetting into net
slurs are the leaf amount into woods to fore-tie an eclipse of any solo depth brushward so flat at thread these extreme lintels of surface lenses flushing off intemperate core delay
leaves prolong, in failing, any ride along curve of the diminishment, hipless leaf set to hip by choice of a descendent (root-purge) array the turning airs of the darkening sheaf
settlement stride now disclosing a rammed condition in at the leaf and proposing veterate ramification through the pore
if leaf profile drew into tree it was no longer a summary envelope at drop-time the immaculate fritter is a shutter, ie the click towards season, the roller armature off branch delivery
leaf-cowl? but less any towelling, why be hooded to a pin of tree precinct?
unbestrewable hinterland at the root-well itself what leaves are covering here is how ground hovers
what is window to leaf is a shadow to tree
the sender nervure, communitarian leap reckoned token arch, staple breach
casting a fingerable spell through the arm, the harmlessness of heavy to root
there may be tacit reserves of leaves but no substrata all layering is towards light suckles along a trial of minimally anchored deposits opposition drawn (to root) but already thawing at a latitude of surface
a compaction of the local at its real space deep root a lyric life rattling off stem dried to a vertical vegetative immersion
partition only along peculiar planes of adjustment how a toll of tree flies to its neighbour connection, on every leaf of collision
if tree is what petrifies on its stand, the haze of leafage was even earlier than resuscitation onto trivial sill
lengthening the immateriality of diaphanous sewing, seams accrete veins, display spares for credentials of concrete wing, tree at its filmiest span
leafings not so much in trans-ascension as condensers of soft shield towards a target at the drape of rise
leave it to leaf level to flatten out the condensation a lair of tree nursed into leaf, hung there from finer hairs of its concealment lap, trunk to disc of random depth
what is lent out is for a time worthless in leaves leaf out of leaf, done with branching off some wry platform terror
the trees’ self-handling of a girth of earth
insular but leafed over onto the thud of defection foiling all tenderness as though it were itself a soil, the seal’s rim at this several of flap just out
with leaves on scrap, to afford what the bark ratio scarps verticaled towards
leafage is a concision of origin but no reversal, scathing opposite traversal at such a lean fillip of beginning
this tending to finitives is not for coaching leaves, render them their apprehending lapse of the cult of themselves: not boughs freshen them but the whole blunder of tree
the knack of lift through branches not green in their own weight how the unplenty fails its forest onto leaves of acquisition
that trees are clotted to leaf-synthetic mutual contusion: only then the trip-circuits become root systemic, accelerated reserves

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