Trees of Seed

By | 1 May 2021

The seed-cloud its own netting, counter-entangles its own advantage grain beyond
the graining of parent tree to find new roots in universal improvisation:
encompassing similars of tree-host, prime collusion is the link with original tree

Tree to tree at its most variable according to seed size within-tree inferences of
seed weight, let it echo the call to crown-height

Sheer hulk of tree has always led to seed initiative the differential seed spree a
course across origin (vertical community), not merely its hornier side

Though a tree might contract to a seed message, it never retracts from found bulk:
the paradox of ready load at origin

Are the nuts on a tree its camouflage of becoming, its fruits of self-zoning
inadvertently transferring?

The drive of an oak to steep its scatterables, draw apart ancient stores each new
seedling the eldest heir

Cupped for its ovalling onto new green documentaries of site towards a
wideness of solo generation, each uncapped acorn alone

Not gathered but trusted with remote absorbance a slight twist to rest and root
among skins of soil

What is an acorn’s anchorage if not its drop-size off tree, then to beguile new
ground spikes

Tree entitlement at one remove its own displaced belittlement with those many
dwarfs of return

A seed’s prowess, the most exact reiteration, without imitation

A key spinning its ancestors, awaiting their revised insistence each seed loosed
like a travelling scar of the over-offerable

With winged fruit accurately acute, detachable at a lee-spirited randomness:
stays true to the origin’s crowding

Rescinding at the level of air (sycamore twirl) what was kept firmly unassignable
at branch dangle

Drones of winter turbulence, they scour their bleak infill turbary spend all their
germination in one simultaneous mass, no seed bank for a wingless soil

Field maple on short hold to colonise only intermediate damage, the inset fruit
concisely opposes its flight keys

Hazel hurdles not made on their seed pulses the flower display averts main
struts to red styles and catkin dust on thinnest twig antennae of fringe
revision, core seed cumulus

A seed glut is their prime fluctuation gambit the rarity of excess grants a lean
layer remaining the exception of success

As mast it set well, abundant occasionals confuse raiders with a plenty they
haven’t the practice of

If a seed does resume a tree, only so far as predicting half-smothered lineaments,
sediments of initiation, the coronal commission is non-competing while
pressing the departing

A ribbon of prevailment goes its swarm, common sift for saturate edge fresh
native comparisons the lightness of seeds which leap

To mend a tree’s future so far as seeds are not weapons that branches confer
fruit actual from within an otherwise preserve

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