Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin contributed to The Ground Aslant: an Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry, ed. Harriet Tarlo (2011). Among his more recent poetry collections are Trees Before Abstinent Ground (Shearsman, 2019) and Encroach to Resume (Shearsman, 2021).

Trees of Seed

The seed-cloud its own netting, counter-entangles its own advantage grain beyond the graining of parent tree to find new roots in universal improvisation: encompassing similars of tree-host, prime collusion is the link with original tree mass Tree to tree at …

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Trees Not Tending Leaves (extract)

infestation to own leaf-order, that people are now the science of the park how root makes increment from what surfaces of disadvantage assort heaving over root-steer, so many leaves to have been stripped on form, they are not the reprisal …

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Matthew Hall Interviews Peter Larkin

This interview was began on a midday walk along the Coventry and Warwick borders in England’s temperate May and was concluded over the course of these past months. My own visit to Warwick was a delight, though suffering from the travails of long distant travel and foreign flu bugs, it was a long awaited and much anticipated trip.

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