Trods Which Follow

By | 1 August 2010

Upon each trod, given goes to trail by margins of lay; each shelter earth’s satellite in all our betweens, step pilgrims soil and sky.

Ever beneath such plenitude, desire in unfounded ambush, which plots divide upon humility as tendril to tap over ways of passing urban and wild.

Even the light weed old growth in slight stellate the adorned square; nee parse on famished stock; silhouettes still able in the redress of situ to ground the stock of heights.

What passes for love here passes for sound there. Over each stone step, the wild becomes extrapolated by connections, extant in ways of seeing: Sacred rounding of nest,

The sparrow singing in the miniature wooded hedgerow:

Wild.                    Wild.                    Wild.

This privilege hold astounds, so much clause ascends the cambered ridge we pass.

No further but attend to the passage of sleep.

Harvesting forage in the urban growth we settle; compact over myths embedded to a clarity that diminishes the waver, describing the brown sea flotsam astride stone.

Inveigh against remittance; in sheltering beneath intricate laces of leaf, wholesome fills that litter of gift.

Plenitude radiates positive gladden cells; so riot in the best of ways parting the crescent smiles on our behalf with each grain yielding relate.

We scatter common like the numinous holding sway, pre-empting fall from pre-emptive strike; this single passage no less clause on the trail.

Fictive root; earth no venture grinds alone – only we hope;

To stand with care, of what shadow strides astern.

Given what levels before, settling each in successive unity; trample slow footwork, lay stone craft; earthworks befitting infra-communal stead with stone-structure.

Under trod, language held firm to place for what visits we pave by word of treads succession, not partial for the ca\re of you, but near, to side of harbour, loves only work this accord.

If by some unfavourable union we shallow into angst sallow, then what goes me encumbering the more then by the very less we propagate?

Reward the churl, or be the least only the venture of it; that walkways go to and we a stride come to some long reached open in the quest of recess and draw open hearts to the plaintive.

I hope not to strike, inhibit the ways, nor settle by the lea of hope; but to call open the very slights, so as to dazzle aside from what gathers by the spleen of weight: cast open the neutered chest.

What gathers by mode can handle the care of it; even the felt may be untarnished.

For this inhabits welcome, no longer in the service of summit, but a cast at what is plausible to the field we inhabit as earth:

1. Mood over tumults: wavy in parts of mute regalia in earthen glee.

2. Sorrow in stride of longing to, lone a separatists welt

3. By openings root dream phenomenon the fecund wall

4. Grazing levels cut, slowly diminish ways of mulch

5. Pastor or rut? Tableau or armature [love] embracing we

6. Earth fibres hollow, soil is to skin what waters wake dream

7. We have serviced too much on behalf of misery

8. Sharps alignment to the wrist, neck, vein: let us not depart in the pin-eye of sorrow

9. Held firm to what scarce limps beatified penult of stray longing for

10. We offer the many; lets gather there under the folds of sky

Entering the season of solace, grace limps sympathetically; at the anterior ground of language where a muscle intricately distributes cells.

As the things themselves decline, emaciated words flicker on/off, and I’m aware of what seems an insignificant loss in the making; but the trees may signal a language in the flow of air, more of the real than ever we knew, and I’m wondering at each new bright, if the clearings we made are ventriloquisms that map syntactically the many we are.

Here word, here world, only a letter apart but so much sewing to.

Stitch of L, of O, of V, of E;

The language of presence is not so scantily clad.

The open affronts the verge of curtailment:

1) Ocular System. [Settlements in the moors dispersed]

2) Digestive System. [‘too horsse lodes of fresshe fish, callid fresshe Lynge, haddokes and kyllinges’]

5) Vestibular System. [ I (distance and speed) we (in respect to each other) on these long trods]

3) Cardio-vascular System. [Cloud-breath: specialised centres in the brainstem, where water condenses into fog, clouds form.]

6) Procreative System. [‘A phallus so small that I cannot fit it in a man.’]

4) Manipulative System. [‘Bringing forth’, emerging and rising hidden within the open region this is the earth.]

7) Judgment. [‘I thereby place the soul in the unlimited sphere,’ walk as write on the surface of a radius on the thickness of a shell.]

I hear more word of the city than song in the forest, and the older we grow the more radical our longing, accelerating the distance of occupation while proximity becomes its own distance to the metastatic.

Species with rhizomes and runners, common as they are, raise their shoots to the new soil surface.

Dark satanic mills, collate the hour of accident in which labour turned adrift into the arts of death.

Dead Sphagnum pools and wet hollows, capsules of fruiting bodies, film of water and open cells of leaves: asphodel, cranberry, bogbean and cloudberry; the skin of peat across the surface stretches home a priori knowledge to which we warm in the unlimited sphere dressing the wound adrift.

Mealy by sprigs, sprung-scan sky settles meek beneath in humbling reed, wattle manger willing we to the cap of sky.

Bolt searing a clearing postulates pain; reach back into the sphagnum deep within dark folds, open forage along loosely scattered walkways:                   we wild                    we open : clear beneath sky scan sprung from the ground.

Re-earth and hope, tread in spore dictums spread for a lucky hit in which reeling we calm: stand ‘I’ before error the minutes affront, cross-class distance what irksome wrest:

1. Gentle way

2. Soft nothings

3. Post-material plea

Clamped loosely by competing gods, only to wish by the magi’s halter, the recess of more in the shadow of less; cradling the kitsch in the margins of sanity, to what loosely drifts round the gathering verge.

Here I am a small figure with the body of Hare; step to the side, quietly, carefully and you will see me patiently viewing water, each long leg surely placed; a heron to the cover of rock, a hare prone to the open field in the sky.

In the sky I am listening to the ground; in the ground, I listen to the sky, and the stars form a knowing that detracts from the ruts and the divots I’ve come to know and trust with the body.

A language forms, we raise heads and seek from the heavens of earth, our culminating we under the cowl of branches, the halo of moon settles on the surface of pond, shimmering, and something holds us, like it has always held us, seeking, our own birth stitched to the covenant of Love.


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