Mark Dickinson

Mark Dickinson was born in Scarborough UK and attended Hull University\'s Scarborough campus. His poems have previously appeared in Shearsman, The Gig anthology Onsets, Intercapillary Space and work is forthcoming from The Ground Aslant: Radical Landscape Poetry. His first collection Littoral was published by Prest Roots Press in 2007.

Trods Which Follow

Upon each trod, given goes to trail by margins of lay; each shelter earth’s satellite in all our betweens, step pilgrims soil and sky. Ever beneath such plenitude, desire in unfounded ambush, which plots divide upon humility as tendril to …

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Peter Larkin’s Knowledge of Place

There are many distractions surrounding the everyday, so many asides busy vying for our attention, alleviating us of our time. Objects are seen less for themselves and more often as materials which become products, products which remove the things themselves from an originated state. Landscapes are demarcated in terms of their service.

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