Brett Dionysius

Brett Dionysius was founding Director of the Queensland Poetry Festival. He has published over 500 poems in literary journals, anthologies, newspapers and online. His eighth poetry collection, Weranga was released in 2013. He teaches English at Ipswich Grammar School and lives in Chapel Hill, Brisbane.

The Surface of Last Scattering

(i) Spacetime The rate of decay of his cells was a clock. A sub-atomic timepiece that measured his lifespan & how fast his body was dying. People are so many small mechanisms all ticking away. His heart was a carriage …

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Six Shifts at the VISY Recycling Plant, Heidelberg

(i) Let me introduce you to Chute. Chute is problematic, has four or five personas a first version of Iron Man perhaps but anti-hero, more Alex from A Clockwork Orange than Gough Whitlam; the easy political duality of the seventies …

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Protein Gradients

Dire Wolf (10,000 BC) Canis dirus We were going along okay when you upped & changed the status quo. Our Super-sized Menu died off through your public meddling. Your nutritional requirements affected us direly, Our epoch had evolved the first …

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Tears in Rain

for Nola Andrews (i) mother watches w-droplets & planet’s blood pressure falls. in sixty thousand years will big Mars glow her memory radiate again? misses meteor shower over brisbane, four children fracture & depart. silver hair; gelatin frost plate -67° …

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On Not Having Encountered Snow, Aged 43

The Siberian whimbrel, all the weight of a human hand Gestures to the artic wind as it rises, never looking back, As if the greater insult is to survive winter’s chokehold. The fingers of its wing feathers adjust reflexively to …

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Margie Malley: Fahrenheit 451

good example of good literature cold – very little human touch her house was the opposite of montag’s, full of life montag: state of confusion sense of saying it hasn’t any lenient feelings sense of speaking that if they programme …

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The cattle grid jolted him back; it was where the green Tree snake coiled itself like a stowed garden hose around The railway iron & they refused to cross, the gap of fear Too great. An Apostlebird greeted his return, …

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Burmese Black-lipped Bullfrog

If the West were let in, we'd be the Frank ?´N Furters Of the amphibian world — black lipstick clad mouths On the prowl for evolution's democratic buzzword. Amoral, bi-sexual fraternisation between parties only Enhances the underground's reputation for risqué. …


On Not Having Encountered Snow, Age 35

(i) Snow is distant like death. A blond field of wheat stubble stalk frozen after harvest. Heat in the eye of the Nankeen kestrel that jump jets over paddocks & locks onto mouse holes, thermals raging as Westerlies plug in. …



Pint-sized robot boy, post-atomic Pinocchio. My searchlight eyes, laser fingers & machine Gun bum. Energy cassettes fed me, progeny Of Tezuka: Jap culture sick of giant things – Yamato, Hiroshima, Godzilla, Ronin Mishima. A machine family loved me, management too. …

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R2 D2 & C-3PO

For fifty years I've tried to lose that brass Knucklehead. I don't know on how many Planets, on how many Death Stars, I've tried To ditch his Oscar plated arse, but always he Manages to stick around like a bad …

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Generation Upon Generation

B. R. Dionysius directed the Queensland Poetry Festival from 1997-2001 and is currently the editor of papertiger: new world poetry #04. In 1998 he was awarded the Harri Jones Memorial Prize for Poetry by the University of Newcastle.

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