R2 D2 & C-3PO

By | 17 March 2005

For fifty years I've tried to lose that brass
Knucklehead. I don't know on how many
Planets, on how many Death Stars, I've tried
To ditch his Oscar plated arse, but always he
Manages to stick around like a bad oil stain.
I wish those friggin' Jawas had sold him off
To someone else…Sand people perhaps or
Wamp rats. He almost stuffed my mission,
But I guess his idiocy (only 6 million binary
Languages hah!) saved the day on Endor.
A God to the Ewoks! Gimme a break! That
Stuffy, puffed up, protocol droid. What about
Rewarding talent where it's due? Think Jabba
The Hutt. Later man to this astromechanic gig!

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