Margie Malley: Fahrenheit 451

By | 1 December 2010

good example of good literature
cold – very little human touch her house
was the opposite of montag’s, full of life
montag: state of confusion sense of saying
it hasn’t any lenient feelings sense of speaking
that if they programme the ‘hound’ re: he/it will
kill mon main point – why couldn’t they do other
things besides killing etc. montag is beginning to
be curious, doubtful about the whole society whether
it is right to do these things shows you what kind
of person she is (our is another way of saying mine)
she doesn’t care so therefore doesn’t care about her
marriage pretending topic seas provided them
with no challenge & they’ll be happy imagination
conscious is what makes montag guilty & thinks
to quit beatty hasn’t got any conscious faber’s
character comes out here! the sound of its death
comes after

carmel bird year 10 mercy college
fahrenheit 451 – ray bradbury

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