Audio of ‘Nonfiction Poetry: Performing the Real’

By | 7 March 2013

This panel from the NonfictioNow Conference 2012 – at RMIT University and in partnership with Iowa University and Barbara Bedell, the Copyright Agency Limited, the Wheeler Centre and ABC Radio National – explores and discusses the potential of ‘nonfiction poetry’ to address, represent and perform real world content. The four members of the panel read and discuss their unique experiments with nonfiction poetry, from historical (auto) biographical work to programmatic experiments. During each performance, as well as through discussion amongst the panel members and with the audience, this panel aims to interrogate the poetic medium as a valuable means through which to access new performative, personal and philosophical dimensions in writing (about) the real world.

Nonfiction Poetry: Performing the Real | (1:06:24)
Stuart Cooke, Benjamin Laird, Jill Jones and Jessica Wilkinson

[audio:|titles=Nonfiction Poetry: Performing the Real – Jessica Wilkinson, Stuart Cooke, Jill Jones, Benjamin Laird]
© nonfictionLab / NonfictioNow Conference 2012

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