Arrangement of Manteia y marionette

By and | 31 January 2013

In this performance excerpt, recorded live at Montsalvat on November 8 2012, Jessica L. Wilkinson teams up with composer Simon Charles and ensemble Manteia to articulate the threads of marionette’s broken narrative while preserving its ever-elusive quality.

Poetry: Jessica L. Wilkinson

Composition and musical direction: Simon Charles


Jenny Barnes (voice)
Simon Charles (electronics)
Matthew Horsely (percussion)
Kim Tan (flutes)
Samuel Pankhurst (double bass)
Jessica L. Wilkinson (spoken word)

Manteia y marionette | (36:47)
[audio:|titles=Manteia y marionette – Jessica L. Wilkinson and Simon Charles]
Jessica L. Wilkinson and Simon Charles

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