Brief Treatise on Molecular Logology

By | 28 February 2013

I told, ah, I, de tale.
Tops pun in order to span pin,
a rack limned, dim nib spool
spins — artist in pot, smirk, cab.
But wend or walk, come home,
line won, wash all, I’d well lack
cack law to note sullen mug.

Batten, snip, emit, gorge — who
snores under alder dares old parts.

Not infinity, be-nity.

Rue time,
mite, UR Y?

Tine by tin, if nit on strap.

Lose Rad Red La Red’n? Use Ron’s?

Oh, we.

Grog time! Pins, net, tab.
Gum: Nell, use to not walk cack call.
Lewd, ill, ah saw no we.

Nil emo, he mock law.
Rod new tub-back rims top.
Nit, sit! Ra snips loops,
Bin midden milk.

Car a nip nap sot,
Red Ron in up spot,
Elated, I had lot.

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