By | 28 February 2013

He’s cutting my hair and flipping his braid
imagining the amassing of casualties. he’s
A fine rider, and likes a good chestnut for
preference, in the. field muttering that’ll
Be twenty-nine cents thanks giving you
a bullet as if. mogadon he goes behind the
Counter like it’s mother and he makes your.
Hair embarrassingly clean he’s in my mind
all the time with his occupations. telling
Me about his lives, his styles, his men and
their courage, his. fine eye for chemical
Detail and stickers, it turns out Rufus is his.
Mouse-mate and not his partner and Rufus’s
also a liver of megalives he. looks like a
Small handful of rabbit fur but takes a body
count. and measures Englishes as they’re
Spoken he’s cutting my hair and there are.
Foreign troops on the horizon but the flag’s
unreadable in the sunlight bring. me that
Trial of a nation’s rag he says coolly to
one of his. uniformed troops who pulls their
Head out of the condoms toothpaste and
aspro. of the morning just a small city boy
Singing songs to the pigs.who defy the one
Child policy Rufus has no plans for fatherhood
he likes a scotch. and tonic this ‘modern …
Fancy fashion’ kangaroo you know what
I did, what. I said I did or sung while Rufus
Withered in anticipation not knowing.what
Sketchy things went on in the neighbourhood
yet tonight’s persistence repaid swimmingly.

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