By | 28 February 2013

i. equity

bring a plate to the global
table brands are set
to translate into something
more than sulkiness tim
tams will soon greet the aurora
borealis the farm gate is not as
rubbery as it looks the bone density
dairy carries as much equity as the best
baguette so don’t break the glass of
simple arithmetic, just leave the red
ink out of the jus

ii. pot boiler

surplus romance liquidates
malls god’s grim suitors trample
church steps with epic flair buñuel
budgets for a guest list on the verge
of narcoleptic square is origami
better to snack upon than salvers of
paper balls, well scrunched, with or
without a butler can charm afford
the discretions of a shell investment
any longer leaks stench the marketplace
like crabs in boiler rooms eyes scratch
towards prayer or rupture

iii. write down

take a more conciliatory tone
the bird poo boutique the preferred
vehicle – $5.20 for a cup of coffee
on the kerb another fund manager
backlash, and the gravy train’s provided
more splash back than a rogue cooktop,
ruptured cufflinks in the trash compactor;
i saw sourpuss off to voucher island in a
patchwork suit eating canary pie –

iv. fancy

bankers danced the zumba junta
in the constitutional ballroom just
a bit of festive fancy dress like a
tv mockumentary on a bitter winter’s
night the pink batt cocktails kept them
warm enough; some escorted current
spouses others escorted escorts there was
a mix up when pecuniary interests were
introduced to love investments, just by chance;
certain guests rang promptly for their drivers, others
rang up potential losses; there was a moment when
the floorboards shifted like a listing, like a tower of
mini pizzas whose anchovies shone like bullets; then
the dollar suddenly shot up reaching the peak of the
continental drapes

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