By | 1 May 2018

don’t think i’ll hear
a fly buzz when i die
more likely a voice booming
instructions on where to queue
for the official passage there being
a jam in the tunnel some spirits
rushing to cross the river others
determined to rush back to life in
time for the latest sports event or
extra season of celebrity chef ā€•

i’d like to die a more easeful
death to the rhythm of a slow
light breath like a final exercise
in pranayama thinning down to
a miniature mmnn ~ lifting towards
a familiar vastness an expandable
yonder the ‘me’ now a drift of
prodigal particles not szymborska’s
‘to vanish like a spark’ :
but a generous
sabbatical or silky gap year
before the next reassignment ā€•

no dog or horse or rat perhaps
something more extra-terrestrial

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