searching for dancefloor

By | 28 February 2013

light-up hip scabbard
goosegrass woven jumpsuit
syrup blackstrap a dram of honey
your moves enact their etymology
_sweet lips

Q: I just want to know like the basics and specifics on it

dancefloor is a swamp or creamcake
ligule & sheath
irregular conjugations in hi-vis fonts
shouted over the wobbleboard
town shaking out a
crocus slowjam
starting with your patent wingtips

A: First you have to know how to whine

I call this one irony
followed by a space
where the bizzie lizzie grows

let’s all try it!! electric
deep disco citation

spikelet green and egg-shaped
magnolia intensities
of your
fabulous corolla
sugar in the lunchmeat
make you hurl
twist, jerk
& footwork

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