Interview with Sidney Nolan (Ella O’Keefe edit)

1 March 2017

Image courtesy of Art Gallery NSW

Hazel de Berg’s recordings take place in the homes or work spaces of the subjects rather than a recording studio. This allows something of these places into the recording whether birdsong, traffic or an r&b song playing in the background. In the recordings, de Berg remains enigmatic, the ghostly presence operating the machine.

Interview with Sidney Nolan (O’Keefe edit)

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2017 edit by Ella O’Keefe

‘Sydney Nolan interviewed by Hazel de Berg in the Hazel de Berg collection’
Courtesy of the National Library of Australia, TRC 1/58
Special acknowledgement to Duncan Felton, NLA Oral History & Folklore Branch

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One Response to Interview with Sidney Nolan (Ella O’Keefe edit)

  1. A Listener says:

    Great stuff, and ah, the ghost in the machine.Thanks for this exhumation, Ms. O’Keefe, fits the ekphrasis theme for me, perfectly. Comments are old hat now, I know (my apols); but that ‘voice’, a type from my childhood and a link to Malley and all that.

    My favourite Nolan’s? A series of wildflower paintings done seemingly effortlessly with a car windscreen wiper of all things, which used be housed at UWA (maybe they are still), and so delicate, considering the tool at hand. Contemporary as well perhaps (cue in that review next door) like the famous Ned Kelly paintings, which can be seen to bifurcate as a suburban letter box, yet another icon in decline.

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