Belen Rapada Esposo

Belen Rapada Esposo (also known as Shy Lhen Esposo) is a single mother of 3, and 2 foster children. She has been working in Singapore as a domestic helper for 12 years. She is a contributor for Get Lucky, an anthology of Philippine- Singapore writings published by Ethos Books, as well as for the Nomad’s Choir Poetry Journal in New York. She is also the author of ”Shy Shy Hawk's Path", "Shy I Love You Today and Tomorrow" and "Dreams Are My Reality", and is also the author-collaborator on “Through Open Hangar Doors" and “The Poetry of Shy Lhen Esposo and Nick Ambrister". She was the 3rd runner up for both the nucleus Poetry Mother Language Day, as well as the Migrant Writer’s Competition. Belen believes that there is no Impossible if you turn your dreams to reality.

as citizen, i pledge | Singapore

my apathy. bless picnics that replace tupperware and rattan mats with glassware and grapes. bless walking around town, not to be seen as liability. bless the chance to afford ride-hailing when i do not need to. bless my unbroken, nuclei …

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