By and | 31 October 2020

They painted / dyed the building at the junction, some crows caught in the paint / To this day, black crows remain, nuclear shadows post-explosion eruption of our defences / To this day, the black crows / Paints are just colors, laughs the paint man, That’s why they set it alight / You know this What do you know?/ this is our stone building / Its three-cornered junctions have now changed / They have become sharks with sharp teeth / Their name is paint / This time the streets have not grown ears / But they have eyes like the sun / Long-nosed peoples lead mustached peoples across the three-cornered junctions / the sun laughs at their long noses / The sun’s laughter was like the sound of a raven, a brick building, an island, and a house / the ravens, painted many colors, had now grown noses / flew with them.


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