The Inescapable Recollection | မလွှဲမရှောင်သာသော သတိရမှု

By and | 31 October 2020

I, from all angles, looked at an apple
in the supermarket there, those naturally ripe fruits
dropped from different directions were reproduced
by the advanced biotechnology
another microchip was added to my brain
what I should have wanted to know
had already been known beforehand, and so this became a space
created to learn creation
I started to run along the runway
of a reservoir when independence
became the connotation
of isolation (or vice versa)
it was no longer possible to stop the legs with engines
I used a lift to get at the highest space
at the highest speed to be able to chat with the moon closely,
in the skyscraper standing,
several phone calls were thundering
with the pounding, heavy rain
I set off my shopping footsteps
by electric flowers at the urban river bank
I was being bewitched. I bought being accustomed to
neat and tidy offices, using my credit card.
I shut down my eyesight
only the hospitality of strangers
in the professionally-harmonized tune I heard
was recurring and recurring and recurring
in my sweet memories

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