the ending knot | முடிக்கும் முடிச்சுகள்

By and | 31 October 2020

as if they were pearls of pomegranate
cascading onto the wet floor
slipping between these moments of the past
snaking through the Sunday market —
the sea of people (grey-haired)
dissolves into the crowd.

negotiating a price,
Kokila (who had forgotten to ask
for the remaining money
from the shopkeeper selling anchovies)
finds the coins
(of change)
spilling out of her bag
yet again
their deafening sound of laughter
echoing off the walls

black chickens
like headless fools
are laid out in the butcher’s sink
hearing the price
of one shocks Michael,
but before he can speak
his granddaughter
marks a full-stop to his sentences
by extending an extra
two dollar note

at the fruit stall
lips sipping papaya juice
complained about not remembering the school
that was near the market
in the 80s

these new teeth, chewing on radish
complained about a Malaysian passport
that had been
mysteriously stolen from him
in the 50s

these memories evaporate like
water in a lake, slowly drying up

Are the ones who have lost
the last pages of their books
resigned to wear
new glasses
just to rewrite their ending?

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