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By and | 31 October 2020
1 How far is the market from home; the length of two feet
spurred by rattan canes.  2  Hold your  dollar coins tightly
in   closed  fists.   3  Minimise  the  un-paring  of  rice  and
vegetables.  4  Learn  your  multiplications. 5 See how the
canal  overflows  from  last night’s  rain.  6  Cats and dogs,
planks of wood, even your mattresses; all things return to
the sea.

7 The slippered  will  cross  from  market  to school.  8  No
worries  for your  vocation!  9  Exalt  the learned;   how to
read,  how to write,  how to count.  10  Multiply!  11   Your
parents are  your parents.  12  There is  value in the  aged.  
13 When of age,  you will marry before the passing.  14  If
it is willed,  so is the child.  15  Even fish and vegetables is
a kind of happiness.

16 If you wake from a dream, are you air-conditioned? 17
Hear the grand-children proclaim  “prosperity, prosperity
fish burger!  Full of spirit and delight!”  18  A  dream  is  a
folded memory.  19  Day and night,  let us pray  for magic.
20 This is a world where fish turns from the sea.
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