Shalani Devi

Shalani Devi is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature at Nanyang Technological University, and has gained insightful knowledge of Singapore’s arts and literary through her work with The New Paper, Ethos Books and Sing Lit Station. An avid lover of cartoons and all things horror, her work has appeared in the anthology Seven Hundred Lines: A Crown of Found/Fount Sonnets. She is constantly reworking her craft, and writes whenever she can.

the ending knot | முடிக்கும் முடிச்சுகள்

as if they were pearls of pomegranate cascading onto the wet floor slipping between these moments of the past snaking through the Sunday market — the sea of people (grey-haired) dissolves into the crowd. negotiating a price, Kokila (who had …

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a rat’s pilgrimage | ஒர் எலியின் யாத்திரை

the silence of night is chased away by the sun’s alarm shoved into a train in the middle of shadows that appear expressionless I too, tremble as a ray the mice shake their heads while the bandicoots speak conversing without …

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