a rat’s pilgrimage | ஒர் எலியின் யாத்திரை

By and | 31 October 2020

the silence of night
is chased away
by the sun’s alarm

shoved into a train
in the middle
of shadows that appear
I too, tremble as a ray

the mice shake their heads
while the bandicoots speak
without the need for understanding
like the lunch that had
long gone stale
laid out in front of us
these conversations are just as bland

I patiently await the time when I can rest

Either riding a bicycle on the East Coast tracks
Or waiting in lines outside restaurant entrances
Or watching TV in silence

Only in sleep
through my silent pilgrimages
am I allowed
to put on a façade
to become
a tiger, a dog or a space creature
and in some magical moments
also human

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