Kè Su Thar

Kè Su Thar is visual artist and novelist who was born in Aung Lan, a small town of Burma (Myanmar). His parents could not afford to school him and hence, his formal education ended early in his childhood at the primary level. However, he never gave up learning – he taught and groomed himself. He has written some short stories and three novels in Burmese-Karzu, including Forgotten Biography and His Day, with his short stories appearing in some magazines. His debut novel, The Film, was published by Austin Macauley Publishers in 2019. He lives in Yangon with his elder sister’s family.

The Inescapable Recollection | မလွှဲမရှောင်သာသော သတိရမှု

I, from all angles, looked at an apple in the supermarket there, those naturally ripe fruits dropped from different directions were reproduced by the advanced biotechnology another microchip was added to my brain what I should have wanted to know …

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