A Magical Aquarium Called the Ocean | கடலெனும் வசீகர மீன்தொட்டி

By and | 31 October 2020

A fishmonger in the wet market
wakes the Sundays, sprinkling
a little palmful of water
across the agape, throbbing mouths

of stranded male fish
awaiting breath. Bristling
with lustful desperation
they gulp for gifts—
Filled with air, unsatiated.

In another dried-up country
a female fish swims in her marital tank.
The scent of her beloved arrives
through the mobile phones
as bait on a glimmering hook.

Droplets roll upon a banana leaf.
On it, a meal of sliced fish
served from her lingering palms.
After, these palms in which wetless kisses
begin in secret to gather and swim.

The meanders of unfulfilled thirst
take their course in the arc
of the thrilled body, springing streams
of sweat along scale edges.

Between the two countries
is an alluring fish tank.
Here, the unending ocean.

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